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SHARP PC-Z1 Netwalker


Touchscreen seems to be attached to PMIC chip uses mxc_ts in kernel and uses deprecated evtouch driver for Calibration file is located in /etc/evtouch. Keyboard is attached internally to USB and it behaves as jp106. Optical point is attached through SPI. Touch buttons (buttons between optical point and its buttons) are attached through I2C using driver mxc_etk.

PMIC chip is sgtl5000 attached to I2C bus.

NOR flash with Red Boot is attached to SPI and is using mxc_spi_nor driver.

For WiFi? is used Keystone KS7010 and it's conntected through SDIO using mxsdhci (using slot 1) Headphone detection and speaker power is connected directly to GPIO pins.



As bootloader is used red boot. Press both mouse buttons before and during SHARP sceen is shown to boot from microSD card. It then follows /boot/boot.conf file located on ext partition. This is the way how to pass options to kernel command line. This doesn't give option of initrd.

Example of /boot/boot.conf

/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.28-10-sw1 noinitrd root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 rw rootfstype=ext2 rootdelay=3

Original OS

Original OS for this device is Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook remix with GNOME as default environment. As it is described here, there are some files which doesn't belong to any package. Freescale Semiconductor provides probably sources for this. Everything works out of box.


There is alternative recovery script which can prepare microSD recovery card on other machine. System should be easily recoverable with original bootloader left untouched in NOR flash.


Sleep_Walker started second stage kexec based bootloader for Netwalker (can be found here) to be able to boot both kernel image and initrd from any supported device (microSD, USB, internal flash, wifi) and to be able to backup or restore internal flash. Unfortunately current kernel sources provided by Ubuntu (jaunty-araneo-kernel) has broken kexec. Netwalker doesn't have registered machine ID in Linux kernel and uses MX51_BABBAGE. Codename for this device seems to be erdos.

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