To run Linux on your Palm you generally need: on your FAT partition of card:

/zImage - main linux kernel
/cocoboot.conf - configuration of bootloader (mainly for setting kernel, initrd (if used), kernel commandline parameters etc)
/initrd.gz - if you want to use it, it's useful for some configurations (root on NFS, squashfs or running some code at the beginning)

You also need root filesystem containing system - you can have it on another partition of card, on NFS (if you can), on loopback (ext2 or squashfs with some unionfs to keep changes).

There is also good idea tu have some swap space, most Palms doesn't have much RAM.

If you're using Sleep_Walker's kernel builds, it contains kernel (zImage.device.SW...), kernel modules to be placed to your root filesystem (modules.device.SW...tar.bz2), kernel configuration (if you want to build your own kernel) and predefined cocoboot.conf (you can use your own, it's just generated automatically).

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