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This page holds info about recent linux4palm releases - complete bootpacks, ready to run Linux on Palm. Please feel free to edit this page and add any others you hear about. Login with your forum account.

Read those damned READMEs first!

Palm Tungsten T:Familiar Opie (Marex):BIN SRC
Palm Tungsten T3:Ångstrom Opie (kEdAR):LINK
Palm Tungsten T5:Ångstrom Opie (miska, snua12):LINK
Palm TX:Ångstrom Opie (miska):LINK
Palm Zire 71:Familiar Opie (Marex):BIN SRC
Palm Zire 72:Ångstrom Opie v0.85 (z72ka):DOWNLOAD
Palm LifeDrive:Technology preview 20070917 (Marex):DOWNLOAD
Palm Treo 650:Illume image (raster):LINK
Debian Lenny (Alex): LINK

Source Code

Source code for the kernel and other tools is available in our <a href="">git repository</a>. The root filesystems are generally <a href="">OpenEmbedded? builds</a>. If you can't find the source to something contact the person who posted the build.

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