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BFUGarux is Garux based bootloader, which has completely rewritten PalmOS part. It has Garux part and BFUSettings part. For it to work correctly it needs right init{rd,ramfs} part. Settings are passed through kernel command line. This bootloader was handy for kEdAR's releases, but now is preferred and recommended bootloader Cocoboot.


BFUSettings makes boot process faster and simpler.

  • Faster - you can select various settings, which are stored in RAM or on storage device and are used during next boot
  • Simpler - all (supported) configuration is done in PalmOS, so you can use graffiti, on-screen keyboard or whatever

How-To use it?

You can find very nice info in detailed HOWTO use kEdAR's Unofficial Releases.

What else?

It's buggy and in development - BFUGarux mainly by Sleep_Walker, init scripts mainly by kEdAR. It's used in Unofficial T3 releases. BFUSettings part is designed, to be used with any PalmOS bootloader.

What is BFU?

Marex said that means "Bootloader for users". Author of BFUGarux - Sleep_Walker says that BFU is some funny Czech acronym...